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With a friendly staff and customer service as our primary goal, we work to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

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The Matrix Wand 3-D Precise Measurement

Used by the most advanced collision repair centers throughout North America, the Matrix Wand is revolutionizing how shops estimate, blueprint, document, and verify repairs. In a matter of minutes, the portable and lightweight Matrix Wand can accurately identify all types of damage conditions; including diamond, sag, mash, and side sway. All of this can be done with minimal to no teardown of the vehicle. You can also measure suspension, alignment, gaps, sensor placement, and so much more!

Cross Flow Paint Booth

Drawing air through the Filtered Paint Booth Door and Side panels and the air goes through the booth-work-area horizontally to the Exhaust Filters in back of the Spray-Booth and through the Exhaust Fan and Ductwork then filtered and released into the atmosphere.
Unlimited Performance Paint & Body GMC Truck on Frame Straightening Rack

Frame Straightening Machine / Frame Rack

Frame machines are giant straight edges that won’t bend or flex under pulling forces, which is important when you are trying to bring a damaged vehicle back into factory specifications. Our rack, used in conjunction with our Matrix Wand,  allows Frame Specialists to put tremendous amounts of force against a vehicle once it is secured and provided the vehicle has frame damage.
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CCC ONE™ platform

CCC ONE™ platform connects a vast network of 350+ insurance companies, 24,000+ repair facilities, OEMS, hundreds of parts suppliers, and dozens of third-party data and service providers to streamline processes and work on your behalf with Any Insurance Provider.

In addition, CCC provides access to car-related services to millions of consumers, such as yourself, via carwise.com.

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With a Friendly Staff and Customer Service as our primary goal; we work to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.We are Family Owned & Operated and are Passionate about the work we do.

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